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08Jun How to Wet Shave

Shut the waiting world outside the bathroom door and indulge in the mindful, ritualistic peace of wet shaving. Achieving a closer shave that’s kinder to the skin, there are so many benefits to investing in wet shaving – but where to start? Read below as we provide the ultimate how-to… Read more

07Apr The Tradition of Spring Cleaning

Ever find yourself with the curious compulsion to completely upend your wardrobe? Scrub the kitchen cupboards or dust the never seen reaches of the top shelves? Whether you part-take in the ritual of spring cleaning or not, the age-old tradition has been practised for centuries. In fact, the tradition can… Read more

25Feb Find your Perfect Brush!

Paddle or oval? Bristle or pom pin? When faced with the task of finding your perfect brush, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed. Well, we’re here to help! From sculpted styles to effortless flowing locks, we’ve created a universal guide to help you select your ultimate hairbrush. Based on hair… Read more

27Jan The Most Romantic Fragrance Notes

One of the most romantic gifts you can buy, fragrances have long been associated with love. Some more alluring than others, when it comes to romantic perfumes, it's all in the notes! Whether it be freshly-cut flowers, vanilla or enticing musk Perfumers include a variety of scents to achieve their… Read more

12Jan The White Moss Collection

One of Acca Kappa’s most iconic and extensive ranges, White Moss proves how made-to-share fragrances (those that combine typically masculine and typically feminine scents) are often the most dynamic and captivating. A serenity champion, the signature scent is simple yet comforting, with aromatic notes balanced with bursts of fresh citrus… Read more

02Dec Winter Fragrances

Woody, deep and spiced: many of us prefer warmer scents for the winter months. Usually longer-lasting, wave goodbye to fresh summer florals and breathe deeply as comforting notes of vanilla, amber and spiced sandalwood drift from your favourite cosy jumper.Whether it be a feminine or masculine fragrance or even a… Read more

12Nov Common Winter Hair Woes and How to Solve them

November already and party season is here! You survived the endless humidity and damaging UV of the warm summer months only to be greeted by the dry touch of central heating and the static charged frizz of winter. Proving just as difficult to manage, see below as we explore some… Read more

11Nov Introducing: Šfarìa

Designed in an exclusive collaboration with Fondazione Cortina 2021, the organizer of the Alpine World Ski Championships, follow the trail of Šfarìa to the undisputed queen of the dolomites: Cortina d’Ampezzo. Home to striking panoramas, nature reserves and national parks the unique landmark has become renowned as a cradle of… Read more

07Oct The New Beauty Must-Have: Hair Perfume

The perfect pick-me-up for autumn tousled hair, the White Moss hair perfume is a delightful way to explore our most iconic fragrance. Tending to last much longer than regular fragrances, hair perfumes allow you to layer your scent, leaving you smelling exquisite all day. The icing on the cake? Similar… Read more

09Sep The Language of Scent

A classification system the perfume industry has used for years, every scent belongs to its own ‘olfactory family’ based on its most dominant characteristics. Difficult to define, it is generally accepted that there are seven distinct families- from floral to chypre to orientals we all have our favourites and, whether… Read more